Roku Remote Apps

Each Roku Player comes packaged with it’s own remote and batteries. There is no need to purchase a remote separately. However, if the remote is lost, or you’re feeling a bit adventurous, there are alternatives to using the original remote. Numerous third party apps are now available to replace the Roku remote’s functionality. Installed on a device running the iOS or Android software, the following apps can serve as a full replacement of the Roku remote:

  • RoRemote (iOS)
  • Roku Remote (Android)
  • RokuByte (Android)
  • DVPRemote (iOS)
  • SavyBud Roku Remote App (iOS and Android)
  • Dijit Universal Remote (iOS)
  • Remoku (online)

RoRemote (iOS) – download from the App Store

Control your Roku box from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad! It takes just seconds to connect and connects to your Roku Player over wi-fi connection. RoRemote allows you to control Roku from any room in your house (a feature the original remote cannot provide). This is great for music channels, especially if your Roku is the source for speakers in another room. RoRemote has the same controls any regular Roku remote does, plus a keyboard button to enter text directly into any channel’s text box.

RoRemote Screenshot

RoRemote App: Screenshot showing channels

RoRemote Screenshot

RoRemote App: Screenshot of the Roku Player controls

Roku Remote (Android) – download from Android Market

The Roku Remote app for Android currently sells for $1.49 and allows you control your Roku player from your phone. The app fully replaces the functionality of the original Roku remote with support for multiple Roku players. The Roku Remote includes the “Instant Replay”, “Info”, and “Back” buttons and direct navigation to any channel using the Channel button. Among its other features are a customizable background, auto-scan for Roku Players on your network, and support for multiple Roku Players.

Roku Remote App for Android control

Roku Remote for Android: Screenshot of controls

Roku Remote App for Android devices

Roku Remote for Android: Screenshot of devices screen

RokuByte (Android) –download from Android Market

Rokubyte is one of the most visually appealing remotes we’ve seen. This remote supports multiple Roku players and connects instantly to your Roku player. Easily interact using the D-pad or Swipe-pad and easy keyboard entry. Feel free to search for your favorite movies using the voice search capability as well. The RokuByte app costs $1.99 to download on the Android Market.

Rokubyte controls

Rokubyte App: Screenshot of controls

Rokubyte channels

Rokubyte App: Screenshot of channels

Rokubyte devices

Rokubyte App: Screenshot of devices

DVPRemote (iOS) – download the app at the App Store

The DVPRemote enables an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to control your Roku Player over your wireless network. The app currently costs $2.99, and supports all functionality of the standard Roku remote control (including the new “Instant Replay,””Info,” and “Back” buttons). DVPRemote has additional features such as auto-detection of Rokus on the network, auto-repeat of buttons held on the remote, and button customization on the remote. Additionally, the DVPRemote can be used in any room of your house since it is connected to the Roku over the wireless network.

DVP Remote controls

DVPRemote App: Screenshot of controls

DVPRemtote app movies

DVPRemote App: Screenshot of Netflix movie selection

DVPRemote keyboard

DVPRemote App: Screenshot of keyboard

SavyBud Roku Remote App (iOS and Android) – download from the App Store or Android Market
SavvyBud Roku Remote is available on iPhone, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. It is currently a free application and supports the Roku HD, Roku XD and Roku XD S models.

savvy bud remote app

Savvy Bud Remote App: Screenshot of controls

Dijit Universal Remote (iOS) – Buy the Beacon and download the app from the App Store

Dijit is a universal remote system which can be controlled through a free app for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Dijit is fully compatible with Roku. Once you’ve downloaded the “Dijit Universal Remote” app from the app store, the app will automatically detect your Roku player when it starts up. The app has a scrolling feature that lets you use the iPhone touch screen to scroll through the Roku interface and navigate your content options quickly.

Dijit App

Dijit App: Screenshot of the controls

Remoku – available online at: http://apps4tv.com/remoku/
Remoku is a Javascript-based website which allows you to control Roku over your network. It works in most browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. It also works on iOS and Android mobile device browsers. You must know the IP Address of your Roku to use Remoku. This can be determined using the Settings menu on the Roku or through the administrative control panel of your router (while the Roku is connected).

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